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About Felix De Kapitein

Felix D’Huys (1993), born in Brussels, is a spiritual punk, visual artist, illustrator and tattooer. He is influenced by cultures and knowledge from around the world. His works combine different drawing and graphic techniques to create dark, psychedelic and symbolic works. Influences for his works are mostly found in myths, science, spiritualism, esotericism, medieval engravings, geometrical patterns and underground culture.

Raised next to the beautiful forest called Zoniënwoud in Overijse, Belgium, Felix learned to draw from a very early age from his father and grandfather, both artists. When he was 10 he learned how to use digital software to create images using his family's first computer. After getting his high school degree in science and mathematics Felix moved to Gent in 2011 to study graphic arts at KASK School of Arts. During this period he was influenced by the living street art and underground scene in Gent. Starting mostly doing murals he chose ‘de Kapitein’ as his tag. Since then he has been a creative centipede making everything he wants to. He participated in and organised group exhibitions, made drawings, paintings, zines, books, clothing, street art, a boat and lots more. Felix started tattooing before getting his master degree in 2016. He became a resident artist at Punctum, a tattoo studio on a boat just outside of the center of Gent, in 2017, focusing mostly on dark psychedelic illustrative tattoos in an engraving technique. His mission is to spread his knowledge and art with the goal of inspiring, waking people up and leaving this planet more beautiful than when he arrived here.

Currently, Felix works in his own private studio called Temple of Sphinx in Gent, Belgium. The studio is located in the historical center of Gent near Gravensteen. 

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Picture by Sadhakaya